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The Hon. James Orengo, MP, Minister for Lands, Kenya responded to the joint letter sent by the participants of the “Get Organised for Human Rights” Learning Programme in Nairobi on 16 th June expressing concern for forced evictions at Dam Village, Nairobi. Dam Village was one of the field visit destinations for the “Get Organised for Human Rights” Learning Programme where forced evictions had taken place a month earlier destroying community buildings and homes rendering 300 children, women and men homeless.

In his response Hon. James Orengo MP, Minister for Lands expressed his own concern about the forced evictions and said that “…the Draft National Land Policy will amongst other issues address the question of deprivation of shelter under the guise of forced evictions…” He also pledged to “…work together with other Government institutions and officials to ensure that there is respect for and observance of fundamental human rights”. To read the full letter from Minister Orengo CLICK HERE>>>

To read the full text of the letter sent by participants CLICK HERE>>>

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